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Unix special profs kernighan

Mainframes and the Unix Revolution ComputerphileMainframes and the Unix Revolution Computerphile
No internet, no networking just a screen and a keyboard, or a pile of cards to punch holes in mainframes were a world apart from today s smartphones and
TLU Three Letter Username Obsession ComputerphileTLU Three Letter Username Obsession Computerphile
DFB explains why three letter abbreviations are so common in computer science. Unix Bell Labs have a lot to answer for Professor David F Brailsford
Code Books Prof Brian Kernighan ComputerphileCode Books Prof Brian Kernighan Computerphile
Brian Kernighan, the man who wrote the definitive book on C programming brings us up to date on his work over the last couple of years. Sun Server
Brian Kernighan s advice Join or start a companyBrian Kernighan s advice Join or start a company
Princeton Startup TV interviews with the stars of startup and computer science world. The full episode of Princeton Startup
Unix terminals and shells 1 of 5Unix terminals and shells 1 of 5
Part of a series teaching programming. See
Unix Pipeline Brian Kernighan ComputerphileUnix Pipeline Brian Kernighan Computerphile
Just what is a pipeline in the computer science sense We asked Computer Science guru Professor Brian Kernighan Why Asimov s Laws of Robotics Don t
Elements of Programming Style Brian KernighanElements of Programming Style Brian Kernighan
Elements of Programming Style Brian Kernighan Princeton University July 13, 2009.
Why C is so Influential ComputerphileWhy C is so Influential Computerphile
Why is C such an influential language We asked ardent C fan Professor Brailsford. Brian Kernighan Playlist
Liberating the Smalltalk lurking in C and Unix by Stephen KellLiberating the Smalltalk lurking in C and Unix by Stephen Kell
Bell Labs Research Prof Brian Kernighan ComputerphileBell Labs Research Prof Brian Kernighan Computerphile
We ask Bell Labs alumnus and C expert Professor Brian Kernighan about research at Bell Labs Associative Arrays Coming Soon C Programming Language
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