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Saat phere episode 163

Saat Phere Episode 165Saat Phere Episode 165
Everyone is shocked to see Nahar standing amidst the fire as he has set ablaze the portraits. Brijesh drags Nahar out and chides him for being so careless.
Saat Phere Episode 163Saat Phere Episode 163
Everyone is worried for Saloni as she is not opening the door of her room. Soon, Saloni comes out of her room and everyone is shocked to see her in a simple
Saat Phere Episode 157Saat Phere Episode 157
The guests start flocking in the party. Saloni feels good to see Neel and Shubra. Shubra gives Saloni a present. Though Saloni is happy, she tells Shubra that
Saat Phere Episode 159Saat Phere Episode 159
Nahar is shocked to see Saloni in a white dress. However, Saloni tells everyone that it is a surprise gift from Nahar. Soon after the cake cutting ceremony, Brijesh
Saat Phere Episode 166Saat Phere Episode 166
Saloni reluctantly admits that she has left Nahar s place, but does not tell anyone the reason behind it. Manno Bhabhi chides Kaveri and shows her the door.
Saat Phere Episode 162Saat Phere Episode 162
Everyone is worried for Saloni. Brijesh asks Kukki to talk to Saloni and try to pacify her. Saloni then asks Kukki the cause of Chandni s death. Kukki tells Saloni
Saat Phere Episode 146Saat Phere Episode 146
Saat Phere Episode 164Saat Phere Episode 164
With a heavy heart, Saloni leaves Nahar s place and goes to her parents place. However, she is shocked when Kaveri tells her that Narpat and Ambica do not
Saat Phere Episode 136Saat Phere Episode 136
Saloni gets hurt in the scuffle, which makes Neel lose his cool. Manno Bhabhi too loses her cool and chides the one who attacked Saloni. Soon, the men leave
Saat Phere Episode 158Saat Phere Episode 158
Saloni is surprised when she finds various paintings and sketches of an unknown girl in the room. However, she is shocked when Kukki also arrives there.
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