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Punar vivaah episode 280

Punarvivaah Episode 298 April 12, 2013Punarvivaah Episode 298 April 12, 2013
In the April 12 Episode of Punar vivaah, the wedding ceremony of Suraj Pratap and Radha takes place. Aakash on the other hand, travels with his friends
Punarvivaah Episode 272 March 7, 2013Punarvivaah Episode 272 March 7, 2013
In the March 7 Episode of Punar vivaah, Suraj Pratap warns Yash about the changing environment in the family after the chaos that took place at the cricket field.
Punarvivaah Episode 283 March 22, 2013Punarvivaah Episode 283 March 22, 2013
In the March 22 Episode of Punar vivaah, Aarti shed her anger on Aakash for misbehaving with Paridhi at the kitchen. Yash s kids cherish Suraj Pratap s mood
Punarvivaah Episode 290 April 2, 2013Punarvivaah Episode 290 April 2, 2013
In the April 2 Episode of Punar vivaah, Yash and his brothers manages to remove Radha and Suraj Pratap from the pool that was soon to get electrified, after an
Punarvivaah Episode 281 March 20, 2013Punarvivaah Episode 281 March 20, 2013
In the March 20 Episode of Punar vivaah, Suraj Pratap manages to convince Yash and Aarti to maintain their stay at the Scindia house by keeping himself at a
Punarvivaah Episode 288 March 29, 2013Punarvivaah Episode 288 March 29, 2013
In the March 29 Episode of Punar vivaah, Radha tries to commit suicide but Yash and his family manages to reach on time and save her life. Aarti and Yash
Punarvivaah Episode 323 May 17, 2013Punarvivaah Episode 323 May 17, 2013
In the May 17 Episode of Punar vivaah, Pratik and Paridhi take Aayu to the hospital, for his vaccinations. Paridhi innocently, hands the baby to a nurse,
Punarvivaah Episode 294 April 8, 2013Punarvivaah Episode 294 April 8, 2013
In the April 8 Episode of Punar vivaah, Maya suggests the family of to mention Yash and Aarti to apologize to the society for their mistake. Yash and Aarti stay
Punarvivaah Episode 279 March 18, 2013Punarvivaah Episode 279 March 18, 2013
In the March 18 Episode of Punar vivaah Gayatri holds Aarti in guilt by blaming of hiring the goons to hurt Aakash. Gayatri informs the family about her brother,
Punarvivaah Episode 276 March 13, 2013Punarvivaah Episode 276 March 13, 2013
In the March 13 Episode of Punar vivaah, Aakash asks Yash to give him a cup of tea. Yash brings the tea, but in his jealousy Aakash throws the hot cup of tea
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