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Plastic bag as a condom in congo vpro metropolis

Get tighter with herbal baths in Surinam vpro MetropolisGet tighter with herbal baths in Surinam vpro Metropolis
In Surinam, women hang above a herbal bath to make their vagina tighter and thus younger. The herbs they use are called Kill Somebody with somebody
Condoms for Africa Uganda Four Seasons CondomsCondoms for Africa Uganda Four Seasons Condoms
Roughly 70 percent of all people living with HIV live in sub Saharan Africa, despite accounting for just 13 percent of the world s population. We strongly believe
Organic condoms in Brazil vpro MetropolisOrganic condoms in Brazil vpro Metropolis
Preventing HIV has high priority in Brazil, that s why the government distributes free condoms among citizens. These condoms are made of special natural latex,
Campaigning condoms in Georgia USA vpro MetropolisCampaigning condoms in Georgia USA vpro Metropolis
Sandro and Tamar find it strange that Georgians are being prudish about condoms. Condoms are not allowed in showrooms of pharmacies. Even worse, it is
Chewing up stones in Kenya vpro MetropolisChewing up stones in Kenya vpro Metropolis
Benter Achieng from Kenya has great success with selling Odowa stones. She hacks them out of the earth outside of town and sells them to pregnant women,
Brushing your teeth with a twig in Kenya vpro MetropolisBrushing your teeth with a twig in Kenya vpro Metropolis
Toothbrushes In rural Kenya, most people have never heard of them. Yet their teeth are very white, how is this possible Our correspondent Carren shows how
Fashionistas in South Africa vpro MetropolisFashionistas in South Africa vpro Metropolis
Lee Chè and Ashwin create their own outfits. Sadly their fellow South Africans don t appreciate their sense for styling. They think they look ridiculous and too
Menstruation in Kenya vpro MetropolisMenstruation in Kenya vpro Metropolis
Kenyan correspondent Carren talks to the people of an isolated village about menstruation. The women are suffering for having to live in seclusion for a week,
How to please your husband in Kenya VPRO MetropolisHow to please your husband in Kenya VPRO Metropolis
The secret to a good marriage is good sex, according to sex guru Mrs. Mungai in Kenya. Her student Rose is getting married as a virgin and is joining Mrs.
Free condoms are for losers in Kenya vpro MetropolisFree condoms are for losers in Kenya vpro Metropolis
The government in Kenya distributes free condoms in machines next to pubs and universities. Lenny is always the first when the machine has been refilled.
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