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I o i fmv struggles somi

아이오아이 I.O.I FMV Struggles Chungha아이오아이 I.O.I FMV Struggles Chungha
Chungha is embodiment of the ever existing issue that talent doesn t necessarily mean you re gonna debut. Thankfully, pd101 was able to show how this kind of
아이오아이 I.O.I FMV Struggles Doyeon아이오아이 I.O.I FMV Struggles Doyeon
When i first saw Doyeon I thought , Wow this kid s a regulation hottie . I know that beauty is relative but Doyeon possesses the attributes of what is generally
아이오아이 I.O.I FMV Struggles Chaeyeon아이오아이 I.O.I FMV Struggles Chaeyeon
Chaeyeon s main struggle is management. Whether it is company oriented or self oriented, chaeyeon needs her career self to be managed well. Though she s
아이오아이 I.O.I FMV Struggles Yeonjung아이오아이 I.O.I FMV Struggles Yeonjung
Yeonjung struggle i think is not getting that much spotlight. When it does though, it d be hard not to hear her. Singing is something she s really good at and
아이오아이 I O I FMV IOI s Anatomy Parents아이오아이 I O I FMV IOI s Anatomy Parents
I honestly admire these two. Just watching the girls drains my energy sometimes. Chaeyeon shushing the kids since 1999 IOI s Anatomy Parents Nayoung and
아이오아이 I.O.I FMV Struggles Pinky아이오아이 I.O.I FMV Struggles Pinky
It must ve been so lonely living without your family in a different country at a very young age. When at around that age i was only thinking about what snack to
아이오아이 I.O.I FMV Struggles Somi아이오아이 I.O.I FMV Struggles Somi
Somi s struggle obstacle is herself. She was raised to be a happy person by her parents so she knows that she should just enjoy her life and her youth however
아이오아이 I.O.I FMV Struggles Nayoung아이오아이 I.O.I FMV Struggles Nayoung
Nayoung s greatest struggle is time. After being a trainee for 5 years and approaching an age that is relatively later than the usual debut, the mental struggle
아이오아이 I.O.I FMV Struggles Sejeong아이오아이 I.O.I FMV Struggles Sejeong
One of hardest and coldest fact in life is that not having money do make a difference. Things are harder without it. During her struggle to find a company that will
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