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Entropy in compression computerphile

Animated GIFs and Space vs Time ComputerphileAnimated GIFs and Space vs Time Computerphile
Whether its the Darwin Award nominees or simply another crazy cat, animated GIFs have a lot to answer for. They re also a perfect example of one of Computer
Compression ComputerphileCompression Computerphile
Most of us deal with data compression on a daily basis, but what is it and how does it work Professor David Brailsford introduces compression with regards to
Information entropy Journey into information theory Computer Science Khan AcademyInformation entropy Journey into information theory Computer Science Khan Academy
Finally we arrive at our quantitative measure of entropy Watch the next lesson
WII 2a Information Theory, Claude Shannon, Entropy, Redundancy, Data Compression BitsWII 2a Information Theory, Claude Shannon, Entropy, Redundancy, Data Compression Bits
What is Information Part 2a Introduction to Information Theory Script Please
Mainframes and the Unix Revolution ComputerphileMainframes and the Unix Revolution Computerphile
No internet, no networking just a screen and a keyboard, or a pile of cards to punch holes in mainframes were a world apart from today s smartphones and
Error Detection and Flipping the Bits ComputerphileError Detection and Flipping the Bits Computerphile
Devising codes for different weather states is all well and good, but what if the weather strikes back Electrical storms can distort codes and noisy lines can
Entropy in Compression ComputerphileEntropy in Compression Computerphile
What s the absolute minimum you can compress data to Entropy conjures up visions of chemistry and physics, but how does it apply to binary codes and
Information theory EntropyInformation theory Entropy
An explanation of entropy in information theory and how to calculate it. The last video ran long, so I had to slice it up. More on information theory
Info 1.1 Entropy DefinitionInfo 1.1 Entropy Definition
Definition and basic properties of information entropy a.k.a. Shannon entropy
Security of Data on Disk ComputerphileSecurity of Data on Disk Computerphile
Deleting files may not mean they re gone. Even overwriting them isn t safe. Professor Derek McAuley explains. EXTRA BITS more on Flash SSD
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